Along with its high quality standards, our brand KAROSTONE mosaic cemen tiles is a true result of our long-term experience and know-how, with a proven tack record from US to Qatar.

Our cement tiles, with past 20 years experience are being delicately hand-manifactured thanks to ‘’Karostone’’ formula and production technique, at our Canakkale factory.

KAROSTONE brand that is manufactured upon special formula of our R&D group, is easily distinguished along with Bayer pigment dyeing method on a 8 mm upper layer, with a rare and crafted granule structure of no silica but straightness of sides. Thus, it can be used for very long without losing its design, as it is getting slimmed over and over on upper layers. Just as its archetype that was manufactured with traditional methods and come to these days.

Also, beside its color and design harmony, KAROSTONE belongs to a differeng segment thanks to its special packaging system.

On top, unlimited number of design/model manufacture (custom made) is possible within 7 days.

Mosaic, our local and traditional art, has been advanced in synthesis of other traditions and modern applications. In the past, mosaic tiles have ornamented royal palaces, pavilions and many other historical places. Today, its beauty is revived in restaurants, hotels, cafes and shopping centers.  The tiles, each one of them is being manufactured with great labour and devotion, not only give life and motion to the venue they’re furnished but clothe the spaces with a historical beatuty as they grew older.

We aim to leave a liveable world behind, without distroying the balance of nature but with unlimited variety of design and color.

We truly mean it: “KAROSTONE makes the difference’’